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LLiving in New York since 1988, with 7 Broadway shows under my belt and on the faculty of CAP21, once the training ground for NYU Tisch School of the Arts, now it’s own 2 year certificate program and affiliated with Molloy College 4 year program, I feel more passionately than ever about passing along the knowledge I have acquired through the years to the next generation of performers. I would love the opportunity to pass on some of the secrets of how to 'make it' on Broadway.

Option One
Finding the "YOU" in the song

Approaching the song as an actor

With the explosion of The Voice, Glee and Smash, artists are more inspired than ever to hit us with their biggest notes, but what ingredients are really necessary for a knock-out performance? On Broadway, the story comes first.

In this workshop I will help the students apply basic acting technique to musical theatre songs and demystify the process of creating a great song performance. I will also give them guidelines for staying true to both the journey of the song and their journey as an actor.

This is not a performance, this is a class
Our goal is to find the true authentic self in the song.
With my guidance before the workshop date, students will prepare material ahead of time and will be asked to type and turn in lyrics to each song

2 hr class accommodates 7 students working
3hr class accommodates 10 students working

unlimited auditors

Accompanist with strong sight reading skills.
Room or studio at least 12’ x 24’

Option Two
The Open Call!

Audition Technique: Coaching Musical Theatre Repertoire to prepare for an audition

It has been my privilege to teach a number of talented rising young stars. Many of them have landed on Broadway using the techniques I teach. Let me show you how Broadway performers Get The JOB! From the best first impression to addressing the accompanist and choosing the right song, this workshop will help you deliver your audition material with technical expertise and clarity. I will show you how to eliminate the nerves once and for all, preparing you to be at your best every time. This class includes coaching for your own material and methods for highlighting your strengths as a performer.

Each working student comes with 2 contrasting musical theatre songs with lyrics typed out ready to hand in.

2 hr class accommodates 8 working students
3 hr class accommodates 11 working students

unlimited auditors

Accompanist with strong sight reading skills.
Room or studio at least 12’ x 24’

for an extra fee
Up Close and Personal Talk Back

Question and Answer

I am a Broadway Veteran with 7 Broadway Shows under my belt and a ton of tales to tell. This is an intimate 30 minute session including personal success stories, career highlights and insight into life as a performer.

Flat rate added to any workshop

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